Saturday, June 1, 2019

The UK Advertising Industry :: Adverts, Marketing

advertizement is used to persuade us to do something. Whether it is to bargain for a product, or to donate our money to a charity. Advertising is to persuade you to give something, to take on a message not just to buy something. Advertising is not just pictures, words and slogans, but fonts and colors are essential when advertising. There are many different forms of advertising. Some of these overwhelm Television Magazine Radio Junk mail Direct Text messaging Billboards Banners and flyers Bus shelters Pop-ups Internet Sites Cinema There are loads only when the main forms of advertising are generally Television, Radio and Print based, we see them everyday and everywhere. Advertising is used to attract their target audience to advertise their products, and if successful, to purchase their product. Advertisers use certain techniques in order to make us feel as if we have capacioused all of our lives for this, and th ey are very clever at doing so. It is fantasy that approximately 98 million is spent every year on advertising. 50% of money that is spent on advertising is spent on the ask newspapers, magazines and trade papers. 27% is spent on television advertising, 11% is spent on direct advertising, and 7% is spent on Radio advertising, approximately 5% for Billboards and Bus shelter advertising and 0.5% for Cinema advertising. Personally, I feel that Print based advertising is the most popular form of advertising as is long lived. By that I mean that unlike television advertising, it does not appear for a certain amount of time, then disappeared and then quite often forget about. Another issue is that with television advertising you may not be watching when

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