Friday, June 14, 2019

Import HID head light bulb from china to USA Essay

Import HID head light bulb from china to USA - Essay ExampleIt would amaze been difficult to source such parts from China in the past, as Germany, France and the US were the primary sources for higher-tech lighting such as HID, but this image has changed in the past few years.The US is a major market for automobile aftermarket parts. With over 200 million autos on the road, (Economist) and about 16 million autos sell per year, nearly 190 million autos need spare parts and upgrades. The SEMA, or Special Equipment Manufacturers Associate, has become a major force in automobile after-market parts, for those who would exchangeable to improve the technical characteristics and the look of their cars.HID bulbs represent a relatively in pricy and easy way to both improve the look of the car and improve its headlamp performance. With many newer and more expensive cars using either HID bulbs or Xenon-arc bulbs, one recognizes a car on the road at night by the cool, extreme white light that is emitted from either of these sources.There are a number of considerations that are important to sourcing HID bulbs in China. Because there are several suppliers, it may make water sense to have at least two of comparable quality. Our company should insist on using its own brand, and not co-branding with the Chinese company this preserves the importers flexibility in moving to another manufacturer if need be. The transactions should be based on Letters of Credit, which are less expensive than advancing capital before the goods are received. Because HID bulbs are high-value and low weight, low cubes (space requirements), it makes sense to send the products by air, which can shave 4 weeks off a normal 4-6 week shipping alternative.In order to import HID bulbs, one must first obtain approval from NHTSA, or the National Highway dealing Safety Administration. They need to establish that the bulbs meet US requirements for maximum power and fit within certain size and aiming guidelines . These requirements are somewhat

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