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Health care Lecture Essay Example for Free

Health care Lecture EssaySummaryDr. Curtis lecture was one of health care and how it relates to his profession, chiropractic medicine. He also hit on health in general and medications. Dr. Curtis started rather quite abruptly with his self helping theories as to what he does as a profession and also what other medical fields are doing to help him become rich, yet keep the healthcare level of the United States down to the lour levels it has been hovering at for years. This may be in direct contradiction to the fact that even though the United States only has three percent of the worlds population, it tranquillize consumes to a greater extent than half of the drugs produced in the world. What does this recognise the reader? Dr. Curtis explained that a circuit of these drugs are non needed, and in fact have actually hurt the patients.As proof, he stated some startling facts from the American Journal of Medicine and the New England Journal of Medicine, perhaps the two top most medical specific journals in the world. Some of these facts included that one coke and sox super acid people die any year from properly nixd drugs. Per year, there are seven thousand medical errors resulting in someone dying. One point five million people have Introgenic diseases, or physician caused diseases. It is estimated that the United States as a exclusively is spending seventy seven billion dollars a year fixing these problems. These indeed are very troublesome statistics.Dr. Curtis also goes on to explain that the rationalness why the United States continues to spend excess amounts of money for drugs and procedures they do not need is because of mainly one thing, advertising. Billions of dollars are spent on advertising for drugs every year. Over one hundred and thirtytwo dollars were spent last years on advertising alone. Often companies give kickbacks like trips or bonuses to doctors that proscribe a certain number prescriptions of a specific drug. This practice, wh ich should be illegal, is what is screwn as Off Label Promoting. The United States populace continues to believe advertising of drugs. The advertisements dont tell the truth most of the time.For example, twenty percent of antibiotic prescriptions are useless. What is bad is that when people take unneeded antibiotics, they raise their immunity to them, and they will not civilise next time, or people will have to up the dosage to get it to work. This is extremely bad for health reasons, considering that if patients were to mix two or to a greater extent drugs, there is an eighty eight percent change of adverse side effects, even more illness and injury.The Food and Drug Administration Agency is not helping matters either. The practice of rushing promising drugs like Fen-Fen to the market without proper timed tests has added to the health problems of the United States. Dr. Curtis is not saying do not go to the doctor, he is just saying to make sure you are doing the correct thing, wh ich included getting second opinions, and doing your own research on drugs and what they can and cannot sincerely do. Sometimes Doctors can not be trusted because of the one hundred and sixty drugs labeled by the FDA as do not use, people still proscribe them. With only a selection of twenty three out of those one hundred and sixty drugs, there are still one hundred million prescriptions being filled. These are drugs known to do harm, and they are still being prescribed. One must be vigilant in his own healthcare is the message of the day.ReflectionsAt first I didnt even know what Dr. Curtis was a doctor in, however due to time constraints I understand that the normal substructure and background speech has to be cut. I have listened to many doctors speak and lecture, not nearly enough as professors and other professionals of course, but enough to know that normally there is at least five minutes of talking about oneself before the actual lecture begins. Also, he being young did no t add to me actually listening to his opinions that well. However, Dr. Curtis did notgive many opinions and his statements were backed up quite well and documented quite nicely as well. He obviously put in the needed time to prepare the lecture. Time constraints not only cut up his lecture, but also his speech var. as well.Normally lectures should be flowing, his statements were extremely choppy. He states many things that were actually surprising to me. Not the fact of advertising, I already knew that, but I didnt spend a penny the actual statistics of these healthcare problems, and that a lot were caused by those in the healthcare field. His explanations as to how his field fitted into his lecture were actually quite easy to understand. The fact that extend messes up your nervous system, which in turns messes up the rest of you, is basically what he was saying without stating his words verbatim.He explains that even though the United States is third surmount in the world in wh at we eat, we still have one of the lowest life expectancies. I enjoyed his explanation as to how posture really controls a lot of health problems. He explains that proper diet, mental attitude, exercise, a non-stressed nervous system, and plenty of rest and relaxation are the keys to keeping the body as self heal as it is designed to do. Overall I enjoyed the lecture and learned quite a lot out of it.

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