Friday, May 31, 2019

The Great Gatsby :: essays research papers

The Great Gatsby Written by F. Scott Fitzgerald with notes and preface by Matthew J. BruccoliThroughout the ledger many major characters were introduced some of which include Jay Gatsby, knap Carraway, tom turkey and Daisy Buchanan, Jordan Baker, along with George and myrtle Wilson. Jay Gatsby is the main protagonist of the humbug. While being famous for his lavish parties he also portrays a sense of mystery and uncertainty regarding his wealth. notch Carraway is neighbors with Jay Gatsby and has just moved from Minnesota in hopes to learn the business of bonds and advance even more(prenominal) in his education. Daisy Buchanan is the woman, which Gatsby desperately desires to have. Daisy had promised to wait for Gatsby but her love for luxury and wealth was too great. Daisy then goes on to marry Tom Buchanan. Jordan Baker is involved with scratch Carraway romantically she portrays a new woman of the 1920s and cannot at times be trusted. Tom Buchanan at one point went to school with Nick Carraway. Tom has his suspicions of Daisys relationship with Gatsby and questions the possibility of Daisy having an affair. George and Myrtle Wilson are husband and wife but Myrtle has a lover who is Tom Buchanan. George is incredible upset with Myrtles death and continues to kill Gatsby who took the blame for Myrtles death. The novel takes place in the summer time somewhere around 1922. The location where the story takes place occurs in Long Island and New York City, New York. The mood of the story has an elegant yet ruttish feel almost throughout the whole book. The emotional side is perfectly demonstrated by the amount of drama that goes on with Gatsby and Daisy relationship. While the elegant side is clearly demonstrated by the lavish parties thrown by Gatsby himself and the coveted einsteinium Egg side. At the beginning of the book we learn that Gatsby and Nick Carraway are neighbors and that Nick has connections with some of the people in the East Egg side. Late r on Nick attends a dinner with Tom and Daisy Buchanan where he learns details of Tom and Daisys marriage. While at the dinner Nick is introduced to a woman named Jordan Baker. Words are passed between the two concerning others relationships. Next Nick engages in a party thrown by Jay Gatsby. During the party Nick learns of Gatsbys past then he goes on to learn his plans for the near future.

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