Wednesday, May 22, 2019

How My Stories Were Written Essay

Have u ever read a story where you were link up to or change your life? In the mulct story by Bulosan, he uses a few literary elements such as setting, and irony to show up how someones life can be change by a storyteller. In the following, I will explain what is the role of the Apo Lacay in this short story and how he has helped the author to overcome in the new world.In the beginning of the story It is true there are mountains which are green every(prenominal) the year round bordering the northside of the province of Pangasinan, my own native province, in the island of Luzon, Bulosan uses setting to let us know where the story takes place he also top us details on how it looks like. This place is so important to him because he was born and raised here his childhood was not as greater as his adult life but he gain so many anecdotes about it. The people that lived in the village were attached to the past centuries and a get by of things have been said from one generation to an other. There was a man who had lived more than anyone else in the village he is a storyteller that comes from a black dwelling in the mountains and start telling his tales to the children and adults.Repentantly, he became friend with Apo Lacay (the storyteller), and learned from his tales even if they were not true. The boy (the author) thought that there were wisdom from his tales and he wanted to remember what kind of people lived in the village when he moves to the land far away. We sometimes do not pay attention to what or whom we get wind to, we do not realize that we can learn a lot from books or simple short stories and gain the greatest wisdom ever no matter where we go, in this case the author went to America, nothing cannot take the knowledge from you. The boy has also learned that there is more fear among the man than in the night forest full of beast, birds, the trees, storm and tempests. In the savage heart of man there dwells the greatest fear among the living.

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