Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Simulation Planning Document Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Simulation Planning Document - Essay Example Exercise i. Mediator Role Having in mind that both parties are involved in the dispute as a mediator it would be important to: a. Get information from each party about their real interests from the case b. Understanding the case and thinking of the best solution to offer c. Setting a date for the hearing to be conducted between the two parties d. Providing a satisfying solution to both parties after the hearing Exercise ii. Plaintiff Role a. Approaching the mediator b. Gathering the relevant documents to file a claim using them c. Explaining to the mediator the interests’ one need d. Informing Pollard about the case e. Making an agreement on the date of the hearing and how to conduct them f. Presenting claims Exercise iii. Defendant Role a. Getting relevant documents such as agreements initially signed b. Look for witnesses c. Agree on the date of hearing the case d. Present the defense. Question 2 Exercise ii BATNA- Compensation for $5000 Reservation price- $2400 (to be saved as the security deposit) Target- creating a good rapport with other tenants. Exercise iii BATNA- Maintain good reputation. Reservation- Harper having back the job. Target- Harper being fired officially

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