Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Other Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Other - Article Example A proper grounding on child development in this case will be of help in making the educators understand how to touch the hearts of these little children. Male role models upon the lives of children are essential since they act the roles of models (Hendricks, Joanne &Patricia 24). This information is important in helping me develop proper strategies of shaping great morals and talents upon young children and encourage those seeking to be part of this field. As they say, it is easier to bend a tree while it is in its early stages†¦so are children. The four levels of the pyramid module as presented are designed to address the diverse needs of children. They include; the act of building and nurturing a responsive relation between children and other people, the implementation of high-quality supportive environments, the use of social and emotional supports in as teaching strategies and lastly planning intense individualized interventions with a motive of promoting and intensifying support to children. When designing and maintaining learning centers a number of factors need consideration. Placement calls for a clear set boundary to let children concentrate on their play and learning without interruption. It is important to consider the numbers by making sure that there are adequate centers to accommodate all the children without congestion. In addition to this, there should be enough materials enabling children carry out their plans in social play. Art material, dramatic play props and toys should be availed in these centers. Lastly, images that include books reflecting the diversity of the community also play a significant role in a learning centre. While striving to support peer interaction, it will be of importance for me to consider making enough centers that would allow children the opportunity of interacting with others socially. Selecting a wide range of materials and activities relevant to the different needs of children will be of importance too. According

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