Thursday, August 8, 2019

Problems with treating humans as resources in contemporary Essay

Problems with treating humans as resources in contemporary organisations - Essay Example Humans need to be motivated. In this reason there is a big deal to consider on understanding what exactly will motivate them. Employees are concerned with their needs. In line with this, it is always important for them to meet their expectations and demands. Humans have to meet their needs. There are different needs and their hierarchy. Achieving the right needs means great motivation for them to do their respective tasks. However, it is not just important to know their needs. It should be a great concern on how to approach them in order to find what exactly will motivate them. In cases when there is a need to evaluate employees, it should be clear with them what the company expects them to perform. In short, the company must be able to clearly explain their stand on what standard of performance it wants its employees to perform. Thus, the first problem with treating humans as resources is the complexity of motivating them. Motivation Motivation has something to do with allowing the employees to perform at their best (Bruce 10). ... However, the right interaction needs to be in timing. There are different ways on how to interact with the human resource. The right communication process is important. However, communications have important barriers. There are different barriers to communication which have important place in an organisation (Singla 125). Physically communication process can be hindered. Humans have significant disabilities such as dysfunctional senses which lead to inappropriate perceptions of things. The right communication can be hindered through this factor. Another contributing factor that may hinder the right communication process is the social aspect. Every human has different beliefs about things in life. People may be the same in their cultural background or may differ at some point. This variation may contribute as important barrier because everyone has the chance to keep his or her own belief. People from different walks of life have different culture. Emotional aspect is another important barrier to effective communication with manpower. Everyone has specific response to everything. A person may be emotionally stable or the other way around. It takes the right emotion to respond to the right communication process. Unstable communication usually leads to failure due to lack of the required understanding between the speaker and the receiver. In the case of employees and the management, the former usually are the ones who have the problem with receiving the right message. The right message is the right indicator of achieving Psychological factor may be another aspect that may hinder the right communication process. Psychological aspects are fundamentals of receiving the right communication process. Employees with sound mind for instance are able to achieve the

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